Friday, June 15, 2012

Priscilla Swee swapped a writer's pen for a pair of Kindermusik rhythm sticks in Jakarta, Indonesia

No more writer's block. Priscilla Swee, a former writer and advertising director, makes the Kindermusik class a mix of fun, patience and cute child talk. After the birth of her daughter she decided to swap her pen for rhythm sticks and bells, and in the process reconnected with her own love of music. 
“Music is like the vehicle in Kindermusik because it unlocks so many things in a child. Music just seems to reach out to them and help them express themselves,” Priscilla said. “When kids sing out loud, you see their happiness and growing confidence. And when you combine music and movement, I think that’s when you see the magic of Kindermusik.”  
Read Priscilla's full story in the Jakarta Globe.

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