Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year ... Perhaps a New Career?

I love the beginning of the New Year - the reflection it invites and the dreams and goals it generates. I feel so fortunate that I focus my time and energy helping Kindermusik educators develop as masterful teachers and successful business owners who make a profound and joyful difference in the lives of children and families in their communities. I reflect on the thousands and thousands of families who sang, danced, cuddled and played in a supportive Kindermusik community this year – a bright spot in the midst of turbulent times. My goals for the coming year are to support current educators in doing their best work and to make becoming a Kindermusik educator easy and rewarding. The world desperately needs and wants the very contribution Kindermusik educators offer: growth, learning, bonding, community, support, and fun. My dream is to change the world….one child, one family, one hug, one song at a time. Kindermusik is my path. I hope it will become yours.

by Carol Penney
Director of Education

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Partnership of Kindermusik Educators = true friendship

The Partnership of Kindermusik Educators or the PKE is not just an educational association that supports your professional goals but a group of individuals that are rooting for your success in business and in life.

Running a Kindermusik business has many facets. Not only are we trying to be the best possible educator we can but we are tasked to be a sales person, a business manager, an accountant, a buyer, a web designer, a marketing department, and more! Having a partnership of educators who understands your challenges, supports your endeavors and celebrates your accomplishments is profound.

Kindermusik Educators do not compete with one another, rather we rejoice in the successes of others. There is plenty of children and families who love them for everyone to thrive, and it feels great to be a part of a larger community of professionals who all share the same goal.

In my community, two educators, Allison and Karla are both expecting babies this winter. Karla, is expecting TWINS! She had to cut back on her teaching hours as her pregnancy progressed, and Allison, stepped in to help finish teaching her final classes before the babies were born. Now, they are both getting support from a third Kindermusik educator, Deb, who will be covering their teaching until they are both ready to return to the class room. Three new Kindermusik babies are snug at home, many families around them continue to receive the benefits of Kindermusik each week and we as a community of educators are uplifted by the cooperation of these three.

There are countless examples of educators sharing their time and talents with their colleagues. There is a website that is based completely on the idea of sharing ideas, tips, hints, material, instruments, and moral support. There is a grass roots association where a new educator can find support locally, on the state, regional and international levels.

The Partnership of Kindermusik Educators has been called many things in the past, but this is the name that truly speaks its mission, to be a PARTNER to all Kindermusik educators around the world.

by: Helen Peterson
Advisor of Communication for The PKE Board