Friday, June 22, 2012

"I call it my Joy Job:" Miss Lynette

Kindermusik with Miss Lynnette
Jenison, MI

Music background

I earned my Vocal Music Ed. degree from Hope College.  I taught first in the Hudsonviile Public Schools, and since receiving my license in 1999, have enjoyed teaching Kindermusik.  

"I often call it my Joy Job!" 

The children and families are so much fun. I also direct the adult choir at Georgetown UMC where my classes are held. My husband and I have two boys of our own, both now in college. We know the busy-ness that accompanies parenthood and are grateful for each opportunity to take part in their growing up years.  

My hope 

My hope is that [making] music together will create a spark in you that will in turn, ignite a spark in someone else. We are all connected, and music is a great way to share our gifts, humor, caring and support with each other.  

I have gained so much in teaching by watching the growth and blossoming of students through music. I have learned about patience, cooperation, compassion and creativity by being involved with small children and their families.  

And so many days I finish up class with my face hurting from smiling so much!  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lights, camera, MUSIC!

A photographer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shows a few "behind the scenes" shot of this Kindermusik class. Enjoy!
"We did a home session and live, class session – SO much fun & lots of energy from the three-year-olds!!" Studio S Photography

Priscilla Swee swapped a writer's pen for a pair of Kindermusik rhythm sticks in Jakarta, Indonesia

No more writer's block. Priscilla Swee, a former writer and advertising director, makes the Kindermusik class a mix of fun, patience and cute child talk. After the birth of her daughter she decided to swap her pen for rhythm sticks and bells, and in the process reconnected with her own love of music. 
“Music is like the vehicle in Kindermusik because it unlocks so many things in a child. Music just seems to reach out to them and help them express themselves,” Priscilla said. “When kids sing out loud, you see their happiness and growing confidence. And when you combine music and movement, I think that’s when you see the magic of Kindermusik.”  
Read Priscilla's full story in the Jakarta Globe.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kindermusik featured artist David Holt and how music saved his heart

Years ago, musician and archivist David Holt lost his daughter in a car accident. In the grieving process he made a list of things to live for. 

Simple things topped the list, he says in this Ted Talks video. The feel of a baby's hand, seeing Bluegrass musician Doc Watson play guitar, watching daffodils bloom in the spring. 

Around that time, someone gave David a steel guitar and a bottleneck slide. Something about that sound - the glass bottle neck slide over a resonator guitar - helped David express something he couldn't say before, he says: the healing power of music. 

David was also a featured speaker years ago at the Kindermusik Convention in Nashville, TN several years ago. Many of the Appalachian folk songs David plays in his show are also part of the Kindermusik experience, in addition to the wide variety of music you'll hear in Kindermusik classes.
Explore more songs in the folk genre in the Kindermusik online music store here.