Monday, October 27, 2008

Becoming a Kindermusik educator is well within YOUR reach! –training and what it means to own your own business.

If you’ve visited the blog lately you know we’ve been doing a little “Q &A.” We want you to know how simple it is to get started with your own Kindermusik business. This week we’re gonna talk about how training works and what having your own business means.

Q: How long is the training and where does it take place?

A: Training is completely online and takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete. If you have the time you can expedite your experience by working ahead. This allows you to complete the training faster so you can get started ASAP. Keep in mind, that in addition to studying and quizzes, there are three chat sessions and one conference call. These events are the only scheduled activities besides your vocal review and are planned and facilitated by your mentor. These meetings usually happen after 9:00 pm EST to accommodate different time zones and attendance is required.

Q: This will be my own business? What does that mean?

A: Kindermusik is a business opportunity. That means this will be your own business. YOU choose when, where, and what you teach. You also choose what to charge and since KI isn’t a franchise we don’t take a percentage of your earnings. But don’t let that idea overwhelm you, there’s a portion of the Fundamentals Training Class refereed to as Business Basics. This portion of class will cover how to get started, set your fees and provides tips and ideas for marketing and running your business successfully

If the opportunity of learning new things and incorporating your love of business and music excites you, call us today. 888-442-4453. We’d love to talk further with you about all the possibilities Kindermusik has for you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Becoming a Kindermusik educator is well within YOUR reach! – The musical “must haves”

You’ve been to and are familiar with what Kindermusik is and are aware that you need to complete a training class that cost $399. Now you're wondering “What’s next?” Great question!

We’ll spend the next couple of posts doing a little “Q &A” so you can see how simple it is to get started with your own Kindermusik business.

Let’s start with the musical “must haves.”

Q: I don’t have a music degree. Can I still teach Kindermusik?

A: While a music degree is not required; you must pass a vocal review and feel comfortable enough with your singing abilities that you can lead a class without instrumental music.

Q: OK, what’s a “vocal review?”

A: The vocal review involves you memorizing and singing several assigned songs to your mentor, over the phone in order to become a licensed Kindermusik Educator. We aren’t looking for opera divas but the ability to match pitch and keep a steady rhythm is a necessity.

If you’ve got what it takes or have more questions about what we expect from you musically give us a call. 888-442-4453. We’d love to answer your questions and help you get started today.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here, There, and Everywhere

Did you know that there are limitless options of locations to hold Kindermusik classes in your community? Unlike franchises or businesses with rigid specifications, each Kindermusik teacher can choose the place or places where they teach.

Possibilities include:

Music/performing arts schools
Dance/music/martial arts studios
Home studios
Enrichment /educational centers
Recreation/community centers
Gyms/fitness centers
Assisted living/senior centers
Park programs
Children’s museums

Existing businesses are typically receptive to offering their facilities, since they will reap the benefits of new families coming in their doors. This is especially true because many locations cater to school-age children and are vacant during the day. The online Fundamentals of Kindermusik training provides detailed instruction and business tools to find and secure the location that would work best for you.