Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here, There, and Everywhere

Did you know that there are limitless options of locations to hold Kindermusik classes in your community? Unlike franchises or businesses with rigid specifications, each Kindermusik teacher can choose the place or places where they teach.

Possibilities include:

Music/performing arts schools
Dance/music/martial arts studios
Home studios
Enrichment /educational centers
Recreation/community centers
Gyms/fitness centers
Assisted living/senior centers
Park programs
Children’s museums

Existing businesses are typically receptive to offering their facilities, since they will reap the benefits of new families coming in their doors. This is especially true because many locations cater to school-age children and are vacant during the day. The online Fundamentals of Kindermusik training provides detailed instruction and business tools to find and secure the location that would work best for you.

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