Thursday, September 18, 2008

Be Bold... Your Life's Best Work Awaits You!

If you’re reading this blog posting, it most likely means that you’re eager to learn a bit more about Kindermusik and the Kindermusik opportunity. This could be the day that you join thousands of Kindermusik educators all over the globe who transform children’s lives with music each and every day. With our online training program, you’ll find becoming a licensed Kindermusik educator is a breeze – you learn online from home at the times that work best for you – AND – you will have an experienced Kindermusik educator who will mentor you all along the way. We know that being new isn’t always easy, and it is our goal to make it as easy as possible for you as you begin your Kindermusik journey.

Nurturing children with music is a fabulous accomplishment for which our 5,000 educators in the United States and in 63+ other countries are so very proud. I encourage you to join the Kindermusik team today – this is an extraordinary opportunity for you where you can build your own successful Kindermusik program while sharing the gift of music with the children in your area.

Be inspired – take the bold step today in becoming a Kindermusik educator. I know I’ve found my life’s best work here at Kindermusik, and I’m convinced that you will as well.

Musically yours,
Michael Dougherty
Chairman and CEO
Kindermusik International

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