Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kindermusik featured artist David Holt and how music saved his heart

Years ago, musician and archivist David Holt lost his daughter in a car accident. In the grieving process he made a list of things to live for. 

Simple things topped the list, he says in this Ted Talks video. The feel of a baby's hand, seeing Bluegrass musician Doc Watson play guitar, watching daffodils bloom in the spring. 

Around that time, someone gave David a steel guitar and a bottleneck slide. Something about that sound - the glass bottle neck slide over a resonator guitar - helped David express something he couldn't say before, he says: the healing power of music. 

David was also a featured speaker years ago at the Kindermusik Convention in Nashville, TN several years ago. Many of the Appalachian folk songs David plays in his show are also part of the Kindermusik experience, in addition to the wide variety of music you'll hear in Kindermusik classes.
Explore more songs in the folk genre in the Kindermusik online music store here.

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