Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspire children like her

Beautiful Ballerina by Molly McGinn
Beautiful Ballerina, a photo by Molly McGinn on Flickr.

Become a Kindermusik Educator.


Kindermusik said...

It's true that children everything for the first time through the people around them while they grow up. Teaching music will help children develop their mental and artistic desire at such a young age. With Kindermusik, this will allow Kindermusik teachers to translate the education they want to feed the children.

Donald Medor said...

Wow, I find that this has lots of resources not only for educators but parents as well. Music played a significant role in my personal development. It does something to the brain and students who are more musically incline can better grasps math concepts...Have read about connectomes by Prof. Seung from MIT. Very interesting on how on brain work. I would be interest to hear about how music impacts the brain.