Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adventure Ahead! Snacks, crafts, activities, and summer!

"Our first Kindermusik homework assignment is to make some paper tube binoculars and go exploring. "

Love what this parent says about the unique relationship between a child and craft time. 
"My friend Courtney has a theory when it comes to doing activities with your child - There is an inverse relationship between the amount of time and effort you put into making something with your child and the amount of actual enjoyment by your child.  
When you spend hours lingering over the perfect craft or activity with your child, they drop it in 2 minutes, never to return to it.  
When you slap something together in 30 seconds with no thought or skill associated with it, you can guarantee that your child will love it. This explains the success of these very low-tech binoculars." - Gardening Without Skills
We agree. That's mostly because if it's easy enough for the two of you to do together, your child will love it even more. 

That's why we created Kindermusik Adventures.

As an Educator, you'll love teaching these camps. And your families will love the easy activities, tested again and again by children in Kindermusik classes around the country!

  • The semester is shorter, about 5 sessions long (you can extend the semester or supplement activities if you choose).
  • Choose from developmentally appropriate themes for children ages newborn to 7 years.
  • Each class is an integrated experience, from the stories and songs to the summer time snacks (polar bear ice cream!)  

And the take home class activities are specifically designed for summer - such as making your own binoculars at home and spending the day simply exploring the neighborhood.

If you're just beginning Kindermusik training, you'll learn more about summer camps in your online training class.  

Get ready for an Adventure!

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