Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Joy and Magic Continues

I often think back to a choice I made 26 years ago. I enrolled in the Kindermusik training course and in the Fall of 1982, taught my first Kindermusik class. It changed everything. I had always been passionate about teaching, about children, about music, yet never imagined I could put them together as my vocation. I had enjoyed many jobs such as teaching public and private school, but I never imagined the joy and magic I would experience teaching Kindermusik to preschoolers. 26 years later, I am still passionate about teaching, about children, about music, and I am still reaping the rewards (and hugs) that come with changing the lives of children and families through Kindermusik. My dream is that others can experience the same joy and magic and look forward to 26+ years of a career that’s aligned with passion and makes a huge difference in the world.

Carol Penney
Director of Education
Kindermusik International

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tumbleweed said...


I hope this finds you well.

I have tried unsuccessfully for 2 months now to reach someone.

I am an American songwriter in Austria and would LOVE to speak with or email with someone regarding getting accredited and started here.
I hope you can help!

Thanks in advance for your reply,