Monday, August 4, 2008


Every day, our team has the privilege of speaking with women and men from all over the country who have a great degree of frustration because they are unable to use the gifts and talents that they have to share their passion and love of music with the children in their public school classrooms. Too much of their time is spent with designing lesson plans, monitoring test scores, classroom assessments, and shuffling the many mounds of paperwork required by their districts.

They chose a teaching career so that they could open a magical window of discovery for the children using music as the vehicle. What they find disappointing is that too little time is being spent in actually teaching and sharing this gift.

With Kindermusik, teachers have the opportunity to captivate the children and affirm their parents - with the extraordinary power of music.

In fact, Shawna Gordon of Lincoln, NE says "I am passionate about the power of music in a child's life. I believe I can make a difference with the children I reach by offering them an enriching and loving learning environment."

Few jobs will give you this kind of satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great opportunity. I am so ready to come out of the classroom and start my own business.