Monday, August 20, 2012

Lesson number one: Get to the gig early

How does teaching Kindermusik help you be a better musician and performer?

Bryant Belin is a vocalist, coach, choir director, and educator. He also performs each Sunday at Congregation Church in Tryon, NC, and is preparing to perform a set of spiritual songs by American composers, November 18 at St. Methias Church in Asheville, NC.

With so many different music roles in his life, we recently asked Bryant how teaching Kindermusik has helped him become a better musician.

Basically, it has taught him to get to the gig early. Here’s why...

Bryant Belin
Vocalist, choir director, and Kindermusik Educator
Licensed Kindermusik Educator in 2010
BA in Music Performance in Coker College, Hartsville, SC
Music Instruction Studio in Hendersonville, NC

Teaches voice lessons and Kindermusik at the Tryon Fine Arts Center in Tryon, NC

The more I taught (music) the more it forced me to learn more about what I was doing.

It’s the same thing with Kindermusik.

In Kindermusik class (we just had our Kindermusik camps) and during Gathering Time in Adventures Zoo Train, I was sitting and watching the kids and everyone interact with each other.

I watch to see who is shy, who is outgoing; listen to what are they talking about, what happened before they got here, and what’s happening after they leave. Then I’ll know who needs what type of attention once class starts.

As a performer, it has helped me do the same thing as far as being more aware of the audience members, and what could be going on with them.

Especially if you meet people before the show, and learn a little about what’s going on with them.

Then during the performance, I can focus a little more attention their way. If I know they’re going through a hard time, it could be as simple as focusing on that person during a particular song. 

Now, I get to the performance early so I can see who is there, and what they might need.

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