Monday, May 21, 2012

Kindermusik: We make learning fun

photo by Molly McGinn

Minds on Music blog
The Kindermusik blog provides links to new research, tips for easy at home activities, and "what to watch for" developmental tips for Kindermusik Educators and parents.

ABC Music & Me
Developed for the early learning classrooms emerging in daycares, ABC English & Me helps children develop early literacy skills and prepare for preschool.

ABC English & Me
As more children around the world are beginning to learn English at an earlier age, this new program uses the Kindermusik approach with proven, research-based adaptions to help young children learn a second language.

Play Kindermusik
Kindermusik has developed an extensive online archive of songs featuring rock and roll bands, symphonies, children's choirs, and so much more. Explore the sounds of learning that you'll experience in the Kindermusik classroom in our online music store.

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