Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspire a parent's perfect moment

"My favourite legs and feet. The princess who calls her dad 'my father the king.' At Kindermusik today she and her friend Rebecca lay down next to each other sharing a blanket at quiet time and at the end hugged each other. Little puppies, what a blessing they are."

Photo and caption by Kindermusik parent, Ilse Batten
Educator, Avril Flick
East London, South Africa

Sure, it's for the kids. The music, the stories, the activities. It's all for the kids.

Right? [Head tilt]

No. It's for the parents, too. No one at the office asks them remove their shoes and sit on the story blanket. No one at the grocery store sings hello. Possibly, very few people even remember their names.

That's why we love it when we come across little things like these. Photos and shared thoughts that let us know parents need Kindermusik as much as we need them.

Thank you Isle, for the picture and the poetry.

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