Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ready for the "new" classroom?

"The classroom, as we understand it from the industrial model, where we had kids sitting in rows, with a person standing in front, delivering information to a group who was assumed to be all of the same capabilities -- and that would be tested on their memory at the end of the year, and a report given, and said, 'Well that equals "they're learning" ' --  is a nonsense in a connected online world. So that is dead.

"What we're doing now, what we're seeing now, is the emergence of a new way to go about schooling."

Greg Whitby, Executive Director of Schools

Why listen to Whitby?

In 2007 he was named the most innovative and creative educator in Australia's Bulletin Magazine, as well as named Apple's Distinguished Educator for "his contribution to the implementation of Learning Technologies in Education."

We like the way Whitby thinks.

Since its creation over 25 years ago, the Kindermusik classroom was founded on research proven techniques to honor each child's learning ability. We also created a classroom that allows children to move and learn at their own pace. And we created a training program that gives educators the information and connection to each other -- using new technology --  to help prepare parents and children for a lifetime of learning.

The new classroom Whitby describes strongly aligns with the Kindermusik method.
  • Agile learning space -- Movement and learning go hand in hand in the Kindermusik classroom, literally. From hands-on activities, to circle dances, to music-playing.
  • Sound learning "theory of practice" - a recognition that the world is different now, because of the information age, and education needs to change with it -- Kindermusik's curricula is based on over 25 years of proven and ongoing research into the way children think, move and express.
  • Personalized Education -- You'll receive training which allows you to recognize and honor each child's individual learning abilities.
  • Allows Educators to work collaboratively -- Kindermusik's online classroom connects you to over 5,000 Educators teaching in classrooms around the world.

In the video, Whitby says the campfire was the first classroom, which eventually gave way to the creation of aschools. It took a while for the campfire to give way to new innovation, Whitby says, and now it's time for the traditional classroom to make room for a new kind of learning.

We'd love to help you learn more about how Kindermusik is helping children and Educators around the world prepare for the "new classroom." Call today.

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Alex P. said...

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