Thursday, March 26, 2009

Three Different Career Paths

Having trouble determining what to do? Kindermusik now offers several career alternatives when you become a licensed educator. You can choose to be your own boss by establishing and nurturing your own program. You have the option of going to work for a local teacher that is interested in expanding her program. Or, the third choice is to go into preschools, daycares, and montessori schools to teach ABC Music & Me!

A new tool on our class locator features this button:

Educators that have teaching opportunities available have this logo posted on the class locator service we provide. To check for opportunities in your area, visit
Enter your zip code and then contact them directly about job availability.

We are excited that we can now match employers to employees, in order to build the Kindermusik community, and reach more children with the gift and power of music.

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