Monday, February 23, 2009

Music Gets Children Ready For Reading

When it comes to literacy, how does Kindermusik fit in?

Researchers believe that music instruction helps children build active listening skills. By “tuning in” to music and other specific sounds carefully, one at a time, and with full attention, children hone their listening skills. Through songs and chants, children develop an ear for the patterns of sounds in words, phrases, and sentences. And as children listen to and sing words set to music, they become familiar with other sounds, rhymes, rhythms, and patterns in language.

The kind of learning children do in Kindermusik—engaging in active, focused listening exercises; building both receptive and expressed vocabulary; expanding awareness of phonemes, the building blocks of language; and exploring an awareness of how the printed word works to communicate—has been proven repeatedly and convincingly to be the kind of learning that is specifically linked to success in school.

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